There are a variety of weapons and items you have access to in-game, ranging from health kits and grenades to bows and rifles. There are three main categories you can separate weapons and items into:

  • Primary Weapons: These are likely the main weapons you will be using. There is a much wider variety of options you can choose from than secondary weapons
  • Secondary Weapons are designed to compliment primary weapons, but they also work well without primary weapons.
  • Items can be found in boxes located around the various maps, and can either be used to deal damage or heal yourself. When you collect an item, there's a cooldown before the box respawns and the item can be collected again. Items collected cannot stack.

Primary Weapons

Shotgun Shotgun-0.png
Rifle Rifle-0.png
M79 M79-0.png
Barrett Barrett-0.png
Shock Rifle Shock Rifle.png
Pulse Gun Pulse Gun.png
Flamer Flamer.png
Lasergun Lasergun.png
Link Gun Link Gun.png
AK-47 AK-47.png
Minigun Minigun.png
X75 X75.png
Avenger Avenger.png
Carbine Carbine.png
Fists Fists.png

Secondary Weapons

Chainsaw Chainsaw-0.png
Ball Ball.png
Deagles Deagles.png
MAC-10 MAC-10.png
Bow Bow - Fully Drawn.png


Shuriken CombatShurikenBox.png CombatShuriken.png
Hand Grenade Hand Grenade Box.png Hand Grenade.png
Cluster Grenade Cluster Grenade Box.png Cluster Grenade.png
Snowballs Snowballs Box.png Snowballs.png
Health Box Health Box.png


It is important to note that damage is calculated using the formula of "bullet_linear_momentum * bullet_damage_multiplier * bodypart_multiplier", which is influenced by 'Continuous Collision Detection', which is described by Buizerd to be "when the velocity of objects and the distance covered between timesteps exceeds the size of targets. Naive physics implementations might check for bullet collisions discretely, each timestep, checking if the bullet geometry is intersecting target geometry. The problem with this is that if the bullet is fast enough, then one frame it will be in front of the target, and the next it will already have passed the target, so the geometry intersection doesn't work. It needs to keep in mind the actual continuous path that the bullet is tracing."

It is important to note that CCD is why Ghost Damage occurs, as described by Buizerd, it is "[the] delay between game state updates or when the client runs at lower framerates and thus has greater time delta between frames, that can result in a local game state that differs enough from the server game state where it might think there are collisions..."

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