This is the rules for editing. Here are the discussion rules: ninjaio.fandom.com/d/g

Please read the rules page carefully, so you will not be banned without knowing why.

  1. No edit farming or badge farming. Edit farming is where you add useless edits, to increase your edit count and/or get on top edits this week. Badge farming is where you do low quality edits just for badges. Editing for badges is allowed, however.
    1. Creating useless pages are not allowed
    2. Adding useless images are not allowed
    3. Adding redundant edits is not allowed.
    4. Making the recent edits page unusable is not allowed and falls under edit farming.
    5. If you suspect that somebody is badge farming, please contact one of the administrators and/or content mods.
  2. No "edit warring" (as Fandom called it). Edit warring is where two or more different parties of differing opinions with another user or a group of users.
  3. No vandalism of any kind
  4. Creating useless/redundant pages are not allowed.
  5. Undoing others' work for a bad reason, or no given reason at all, is not allowed.
  6. Editing somebody's profile without explicit permission (From the user or an administrator) is not allowed. If one's profile breaks the rules, report it to an administrator or content mod.
  7. Keep it civil
    1. No swear words, discrimination (of any kind, other than having a private conversation or inviting your friends only), or sexual content (or implying it).
    2. Do not harass others.
  8. Use correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization. Don't know how? Khan Academy is a good and free site to learn all of this except for spelling (use your computer's spell check). Need help? Contact an administrator or mod!
    • Informal abbreviations such as "idk" count as incorrect spelling.
  9. Do not try to find a "loop-hole" in the rules and use it. You will still be banned and probably be punished more.
    • Although Fandom does not let administrators block people for reasons not listed in the rules, breaking Fandom's guidelines (many are listed here in the rules)), or massively disrupting the wiki in any way is still ban-able. (Breaking Fandoms guidelines can get you banned from Fandom entirely, not just the wiki)
  10. No threatening to harm anyone or telling them to harm themselves
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