has 4 different game modes: Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, and the newest addition: Dodgeball. All matches can last for a maximum of 15 minutes.



Deathmatch is the most popular mode, and is the only one without teams. The aim of Deathmatch is to kill as many people as possible while surviving. You can win in one of the following two ways:

  • You get 30 kills
  • You have the most kills after the time runs out

This mode is the most popular game mode, and there is usually at least one full Deathmatch server at any given time.

The ranking is judged by kills, when the kills are equal, the deaths judge who is first. The deathmatch can hold up to 12 people, with the colours: red, orange, yellow, lime, green, dark green, light blue, dark blue, pink, purple, grey and brown.

One tactic to win the deathmatch is to 'camp', which is sitting in a spot where you can attack many players, but not many can attack you. This could be being a rock or a sandbag, etc. This is an effective but disliked method, and is often called a method for less experienced players. Another method is to spawn kill players, however this is dangerous and often ends up in an unnecessary death, as respawns have invinciblity for a small period of time. But when you respawn you can easily kill players with weapons such as the RPG and MAC-10, which are already loaded when you spawn. The Barrett is also a very useful weapon as it is a one-shot weapon and can get double and triple kills easily.

The deathmatch is basically an FFA stereotype in, but with a limit of 12 players, and an ability to suicide.

Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch is a more recent addition. In this mode, two teams (alpha or red, and bravo or blue) compete to see which team can get the most kills. Your team wins if:

  • your team gets 100 kills before the time runs out
  • your team has the most kills if the time runs out

In this mode, one team usually has a huge advantage if they have at least two more players than the other team. It is also common for players (or the vast majority of the team) to camp out at the other team's main spawn point and get kills for their team that way. However less players on the other team means less kills can be got in the same period of time, and if the time is short and the other team has significantly more kills and much less players, there is a chance to lose.

A tactic is to camp at the other teams base where they normally respawn so they will get killed over and over. But this is dangerous as they are invincible for a while and can easily kill you with preloaded weapons. Another tactic is to use the Barrett to get double and triple kills. Camping at common paths where a team can get into the other teams' base, such as a tunnel is also effective, but exposes you to the other team.

Capture the Flag


Capture the Flag is one of the original game modes. In this mode, a flag is located at a position near the team's central spawn point. The goal is to "capture" the other team's flag by touching it. You score points by taking the other teams flag back to your base and touching it to your flag (if it's at your base.) Your team wins if:

  • They score three points
  • They get the most points before the time runs out

The common procedure when you capture the flag is to go to your base where the other flag is, while picking off anyone who is chasing you and trying to kill you to get the flag back. If your flag has been captured as well, you usually either hide with the flag, or position yourself with 3 or 4 defenders, making it hard to get the flag. This often results in time periods of up to 10 minutes with no action except for looking for the flag, until either one flag is returned and the team score, or BOTH flags get returned and it's back to the drawing board. If a flag falls out of the world it will be returned to the base where it was stolen from in a while.

If a player has the flag, they will lose the flag if they get killed. [You can also manually drop the flag by pressing the W and S keys simultaneously.] A player from the other team can then touch the flag to return it, or someone can touch the flag and recapture it.

Besides getting notified that the game has ended, you also receive a message if one of the following happens:

  • Someone captures the flag
  • Someone drops the flag
  • Someone returns the flag
  • Someone scores a point

These messages are visible to all ninjas in the game.

It is not uncommon for people from opposing teams to camp where the flag is located. The game is said to be less popular, as there are usually only 1 or 2 games open with a good amount of players, and most have 0-2 players.

To be good at this game, you need to know the maps inside and out, to know the best routes to escape with the flag, or to know where someone can hide with the flag. Never trust a flag just sitting by itself on a rock (there is usually someone holding the flag waiting to ambush you!!!) You can also speed-fly with the flag. (This is done by pushing [X] to get in the prone position, then using your energy to fly - you will nearly double your speed! NB: Make sure you have full energy, as this method uses up energy quite fast, and keep in mind this method also drags you down quite a bit, so make sure you stop proving in time to get into a tunnel etc. Any delay must be avoided.)


Dodgeball is the newest game mode, the only one without guns, and the only one with its own set of maps. In it, two teams kill each other with items in a sudden death match. A round ends when all members of one team are killed. Any players killed must wait for the round to end. The game ends after 10 rounds.

The maps in this mode are a lot smaller, and feature item boxes everywhere. There is a border drawn down the middle of the map that players cannot cross. This border, when hit, bounces you back to the edge of the map. Your team must use your projectiles to eliminate the players from their own side. Item boxes regenerate almost instantly, as you cannot reload items. The items included in this map are shurikens, grenades and snowballs. There are no health boxes, which emphasises that the only way you can keep your health steady is to dodge.

One of the few tactics there are to this game mode is to trap the places where item boxes regenerate with shurikens, etc. so that they cannot collect more items which leaves them to your mercy. Of course, headshots are key.

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