This map is used in all game modes apart from Dodgeball. This map is positively reviewed because of its abundance of hand grenade packs, the second highest killing weapon on the leaderboard, after the sniper, or Barrett. It is also one of the maps not to feature any interactive features such as portals or bounce pads. This map is symmetrical, like almost all others. It also contains much more sandbags than quite a bit of other maps. On a single side of the map, there are two islands. These two islands create two tunnels: one above the two tunnels (which contains a long sandbag and two small ones, a hand grenade pack and a health box), and one below (which contains a building. This building has a roof with a hand grenade pack, a health box and two small sandbags on it, while the two small 'first floor' platforms inside contain a shuriken pack between them. There are also two small sandbags on either side of the building.). In the middle of these two islands there is the base (which could also be called a tunnel, hence the 6 in brackets) which contains a hand grenade pack which is also where the flag would be if it was CTF. On the left and right of the base there are also two small sandbags. When you exit the base and go further into the middle, there is a metal bridge leading down onto the opponent's floor (of their bottom tunnel, and consequently leads you into their building). This holds a cluster grenade pack. Also when you exit, a bridge supported by two tiny islands overhangs the whole of the middle of the map. On each tiny island there is only room for two long sandbags and a cluster grenade pack. This bridge supported by these islands also contains a cluster grenade pack [needs confirmation] . Due to the map being symmetrical you can be sure that your opponent has the same details that your side has (a sandwiched base, a hand grenade pack on each level, etc.)

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