Clan are groups of players from any rank that create a group with one another.

How clans work

  • Anyone can create a clan (creating a clan costs 10.000 gold)
  • Creating a clan will make you the clan leader.
  • A player can only be in one clan at a time, so you either join a clan or create one, you can't do both.
  • A player does not have to be in a clan.

You can only create a clan when you're not in a clan, so you'll have to leave to create your own. If you already created a clan, you need to leave to join one or create a new clan. Creating a clan makes you the clan leader.

  • Clan leaders can invite members.
  • Clan leaders can remove members.
  • Clan leaders can promote members to captain.
  • Captains can invite other members.
  • Captains can remove regular members.
  • Only the clan leader can remove or demote captains.

Clan wars and banners are apparently in the works.


  • Leader (Creator)
  • Captain
  • Member
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