Arctic Dusk is a map that features in 3 game modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag.

This map is closed which means you cannot fall out of the world and has 4 portals with 2 different links. There are two hovering platforms on either side. The bottom platform contains a health box and a hand grenade kit. The top one is bare. The central base is protected by a long sandbag, and has a health box and a snowball pack. Lower down on the slopes there are snowball packs. The portals can be reached from the base by falling down the small chute behind the central base (this chute contains a snowball pack). This leads to the portals on top of the map, which drop down onto the upper platforms at either side. These portals are two-way portals so you can enter from both sides. In the middle of the map there is a wooden bridge with a cluster grenade pack in the middle. The bridge overhangs a small island in the very bottom of the middle. Underneath this island is a cluster grenade pack and a hand grenade pack, and lots of primary weapons. Because of the two two-way portals, the largely available items (especially snowballs) and the many guns that can be easily collected, this map can easily make your team win or lose.

A CTF tactic is to bombard the base by coming down from the top portal at your base, skimming by the platforms to avoid meeting people down below and hitting the central base quite quickly. this method is also used for escaping with the flag home. However, this method is overused and sometimes people camp with the chainsaw at the portal to defy this method.

There is a very smart strategy if you go to the bottom (where all of the guns are). You are able to multiply the guns. First, drop all of your guns. Second, press F repeatedly. Lastly, the gun that you choose to multiply will start to build up. In CTF, it's very smart to do that because your whole team can have the same gun.

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