This map has 8 islands separated by tunnels. 6 are in the middle, with 2 tunnels running through at the bottom, crossing with a chute that runs through the entire middle of the map. The red and blue bases are shielded from the chute by a wall, so to get to the other base you would have to move out of your base and either bounce over to the opposing base or go via the tunnels. The chute's top consists of a broken bridge. On both sides on the top are raised stone versions of sandbags, which are not used very often. There is also a long sandbag on either side of the bridge, which is not that used either. There are two small sandbags which are used for camping or protecting. These two sandbags can be overused sometimes.

This map contains 3 hand grenade packs, one on either island with the blue bounce platforms on, and one at the bottom of the chute that sits right in the middle of the map, on the right. there are 2 cluster grenade packs behind the stone barracks on either side of the map. There are 2 health boxes, one next to each cluster grenade pack.

The blue bounce platforms are not that effective unless you use energy to drop down on it or drop on it from a high altitude. they do not normally take you to the other base without use of energy to stay hovering or flying while proning.

Going under the blue bounce pads, proning, and throwing a grenade above your head results into a super-speed bomb. You can kill someone with it if you line it up. You can also float on the water. But make sure you don't fall in the water, because it will kill you.

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