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Note: clan IDs can be found via, and user IDs can be found via trial and error (there is no simple way)

  • View the members of a clan:[clan ID]/members
  • View info of a clan:[clan ID]/clan-id
  • View what clan a user is in:[user ID]/account-id
  • View a users stats:[user ID]/view
  • View a users weapon stats:[user ID]/weapon-stats

Specific to the logged in user. Replace xxxxx with the code you get when you type into the dev console on

(Disclaimer:Under no circumstances share this code with anyone and/or ask someone else for theirs)

  • Any incoming messages from dms/the server:
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Note: when creating the data to be posted, leave any brackets, unless they are surround by quotation marks. Ex: Leave the brackets in {example:["1","2","3"]} Remove the brackets in {example:"[remove the square brackets surrounding this]"}

  • Login and return info such as data: {name: "[username]", password: "[password]"}
  • Create an account: data: {name: "[username]", email: "[email address. leave blank for none]", password: "[password]", challenge: "[current captcha challenge. idk how to surpass it]"}
  • Send a friend gold: data: {"friendId":"[user ID]","amount":[amount. min 50. max 1000 per hour],"id":"xxxxx"}
  • Create a game: data: {"gameId":"3","type":"private,custom,ranked","mode":"captureTheFlag","duration":"360m","name":"[name]","password":"[password. leave blank for none]","customization":{"weapons":[Weapon IDs of allowed weapons, separated by commas. Example: "37","5","40","8"],"maps":[Map IDs of allowed weapons, separated by commas. Example: "40","8","18","19","20","21"]},"id":"xxxxx"}
  • Invite someone as a friend: data: {"name":"[username of player to be invited]","id":"xxxxx"}

Weapon IDs

Weapon ID
Fists -1
Shotgun 1
M79 3
Barrett 4
Shock Rifle 5
Pulse Gun 6
Flamer 7
Rifle 9
Lasergun 10
AK-47 12
Hand Grenade 20
Cluster Grenade 21
Shuriken 23
Deagles 24
Snowballs 25
Minigun 26
X75 27
MAC-10 28
Bow 29
Avenger 30
Carbine 31
Chainsaw 204
Link Gun 213

Map IDs

Weapon ID
Hull 1
Igloo 2
Temple 3
DragonsDen 4
dm_Arena1 5
Elysium 6
Tobruk 7
ColdFusion 8
Twin Faces 9
KodysIsland 10
Canyon 11
Hill364 12
Stasis 13
ctf_Evening 14
ArcticDusk 15
Cathedral 16
ctf_Lambda 17
Aerial 18
ctf_FacingWorlds 19
ctf_Ash 20
ctf_Naom 21

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